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New Products

Alien Pod DVR

Alien Pod Image

Ideal for shop counters or where space is restricted, the alienPOD measures only (W)200 x (H)130mm x (D)275mm

As a standard DVR up to four CCTV cameras can be connected to the alienPOD which simultaneously records images from all of them storing this digitally on to its internal hard drive. Using a mouse to control the unit, the stored video can then be played back by camera number, time and date or by alarm.

Remote Internet or Phone Surveillance

For the shop owner or manager, the remote monitoring via the internet or via a mobile phone gives them a second pair of eyes when they can't be in the branch themselves.

The Remote monitoring software is supplied free with the DVR so the user can connect to the alienPOD from anywhere in the world and watch live or recorded images on a standard PC or laptop!

Using the latest generation of Smart phones, live CCTV images can be viewed from the alienPOD and the Phone Connect software even allows Pan Tilt control of compatible PTZ cameras.

The alienPOD has four recording modes and for total flexibility it is even possible to use a mixture of them to suit the camera's purpose: Constant, Scheduled, Alarm & VMD.

For example, a shop may record 8:30-17:30 Mon-Sat by a scheduled recording setting and also record if the burglar alarm goes off outside those times using the alarm activation mode.

As well as recording video, the alienPOD can also record audio. A carefully positioned microphone over a till or in a reception area could prove vital in "who said what" when seeing who did what is not enough.

Easy Network Back Up

As the alienPOD is easy to network it is easy to download critical information from it to a networked computer. You can then use the computer's CD or DVD writer to copy the files to a writable disk. The video files produced by the DVR are archived in an H264 format.

This model comes fitted witha 320Gb hard drive.

NiteDevil Dome

NiteDevil Image

New High Resolution Wide Dynamic NiteDevil Dome.

Working in extremely low light conditions the NiteDevil produces exceptional results where other CCTVcameras wouldn't see a thing!

At night, the NiteDevil Dome's intelligent electronics change the camera from Colour Mode to B&W mode and boost the resolution from 600TVL to 700TVL to reduce the night-time graininess associated with inferior products. The IR-filter automatically retreats to permit the maximum amount of light entering the camera for the best possible night vision and also allows the camera to efficiently work with IR illuminators where standard colour cameras won't.