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Access Control

Cape One Services provide a comprehensive range of Access Control systems ranging from single door systems, through to centrally controlled PC/Server based fully networked multi-building solutions. In partnership with our selected manufacturer�s we can provide a choice of systems to meet every eventuality.

Cape One Services can provide you with advice on all aspects of Access Control, whether it is the design of a completely new system, upgrading, expanding an existing system or selecting the correct type of lock to ensure that the controlled door is properly secured whilst complying with all relevant H&S requirements.


Access Control systems can often be integrated with other elements within your security systems such as fire, intruder alarm, CCTV and intercom systems.

Systems offered incorporate the very latest software providing users with an easy to use and informative security solution with full reporting facilities. The systems are password protected with a user definable database providing a secure management and administration facility.

They also include a badge design facility. Customers can design and print their own cards for added site specific security and user identification. The software also allows you to produce specific visitor and contractors passes as required.

If required full alarm reporting can be linked into a graphical display to help the operator locate exactly where the problem is and what action he or she is to take.

Readers and tokens can be based on the following:

  •  Proximity - including standard proximity or smartcard

  • Biometric

  • Magswipe

  • PIN

Additionally, consideration should be given to the importance of the door hardware and user requirements. The hardware should  be selected in line with the door and frame structure whilst meeting all relevant DDA, Health & Safety and EN Regulations. we have a comprehensive choice of locking solutions including Solenoid bolts, surface and mortice magnets, electric releases and electric locks.



 ACT (Access Control Technologies)

Inepro Logo

Cape One Services are approved installers of the ACT range of products.

ACT are one of the leading manufacturers within the security industry with products ranging from the single door up to systems securing hundreds of doors over multiple sites and networks.

Inepro Products

Product Overview

ACTWin pro is the core PC application for use with the ACTpro 1000/2000/3000 family of access controllers and can control up to 2,000 doors. ACTWin pro is used to set up and maintain the various users, doors, groups etc on an access control system and to communicate this information to the physical controllers around the installation. It can also be linked via SQL to other databases integrating relevant systems as required

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-Tenant Module
  • Allows multiple independent sites to be connected to the same hardware
    • Up to 200 separate tenants may be defined
    • Log events that occur to other tenants are not displayed
    • In the event of a fire occurring on one tenant, the muster report is only generated for users of that tenant.
  • Barcoding - supports over 20 popular barcodes i.e. Codabar & Code39 etc
  • Magnetic Card Encoding-supports mag stripe encoding (3 tracks)
  • Random Challenge
  • Card Editor
  • Upload/Download
  • T & A Reports & Roll Call Reports
  • Data Import/Export
  • TCP/IP Support