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For the production of our website we are working with NeoCentra Limited, a web design & development company based in Kent. Finding the right developer has been a challenge as few understand website accessibility issues & requirements.

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In developing the Cape One website we have incorporated a number of features to make it accessible to a broader audience, including people with disabilities and those using old browser technology or dial-up internet connections.

Accessibility features and techniques include:

  • Alternate text for images where appropriate.
  • A site map showing all pages within the website.
  • CSS Style Sheets.
  • A alternative simple style.
  • "Skip to content" links on every page.

Access keys

Access keys (or hot keys) are defined on our website. These key stokes enable a user to navigate directly to a specific section of the website by using the keyboard only.

Access Keys
Key Description
1 Accessibility Information (this page)
2 Textual site map of this website.
3 Home Page
4 About Us
5 Products & Solutions
6 Contact Us
7 Support

Choosing NeoCentra as Your Website Partner

NeoCentra Logo

unique - we recognise that one size does not fit all - your business is unique as too are your website requirements

professional - our websites are bespoke - professionally designed and implemented

standards - we maintain high standards throughout all our work but we also adhere to technical standards set by the w3c

understanding - we understand the web and how it can deliver benefits to all business

For more information about NeoCentra Limited please visit www.neocentra.co.uk.